How to make pallet wood look weathered


I have been meaning to tell you my secret to making pallet wood look weathered for some time now, but dang girl – I’ve been on Vacation!!  With my latest trip to Ely to build something beautiful with Dad, a trip to Atlanta for the Haven Conference and most recently, a trip to a fellow bloggers home here in Iowa to learn how to paint/shade with stain!  I am so excited about all of these projects and eventually I will share them all with you so stay tuned!!

How to make wood look old and weathered:

Pallet wood projects are all the rave right now and everyone wants to get their hands on them!  Have you tried to rip a pallet apart?  It is a challenge!!  Thank goodness I have a source for pallet wood that is already torn apart – cuz, ain’t nobody got time for all that hard work!


Here’s how its done!

This is what the pallet wood looked like when I started, looking all “newish” and boring!  I wanted the wood to look aged, like it had been out in the weather for years – so I broke out the paint!!

For this project I used black and white paint- that’s it!  I didn’t even sand the boards.  My project will be hung outside and the surface of the wood doesn’t matter.  Now if you are aging wood to look weathered for a project you will use in your home, you better bust out the sander!

First I diluted the paint so it was very watery – this is a pretty scientific method “wink – wink”.  Start with a cup of water.  Next dip your brush in the paint (just the tip – you don’t need a brush full!), then swirl it around in the cup of water. 


P.S. – don’t mind my dirty hand – when I paint, I wear most of it!!!  This was a mild case! 

Once your paint is thinned, simply apply it to some or all of the boards depending on the look you are going for.  There is no need to be neat about this process, slap it on and run with it.  Don’t worry about covering the entire board, its okay if some of the wood shows through.  Take a look at an old picket fence, there is nothing perfect about it’s appearance.   When painting the boards, if the paint mixture seems to thick, add more water………..too thin……….add more paint!  I told you, it’s scientific!!


You can see that I have applied a white wash to all of my boards, keep in mind they were not all the same color (type of wood) to begin with.  I added thicker white paint in a few spots and others I added diluted black paint (you can see the darker board below).

I am telling you – this is super simple and there is no need to be perfect about it!!  Continue to add white or black (diluted) paint until you have achieved the look you like.  If you do get too much paint, you can sand it off. 

Give it a try!  You can see my pallet flag in all her glory here.


Go ahead, pin it!  You know you will give it a try later and will want to remember this tutorial!


That’s it for now!  Happy painting and aging new wood!  As always, share the love……I would “heart you” if you share my site with your friends and follow me on social media, Pinterest and Facebook!



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How to make UGLY Goodwill finds into a beautiful wreath


This project started because I needed a small wreath for my new “old” printers drawer that I got from a great friend!  I wasn’t finding exactly what I was looking for so I decided to make my own wreath.  Normally I would head to the craft store, pick up the supplies and get busy. 

Not this time – I happened to be at Goodwill and spotted this beauty!  Ok – so there was a reason some smart woman put it in the Goodwill bag!  I’m sorry, but this thing is UGLY!


When I spotted this ugly thing I did noticed a couple of things good things!  First I noticed the cute little urn and figured I could always use it somewhere.  Next I noticed the wreath!  It was just the size I had in mind……..minus the ivy and red roses.  I only paid $1.99……..sorry smart lady that threw it away……..this baby has a new home, right after I tear it apart and toss the ivy and roses.


Now to make the wreath.  I bought this greenery bush at Michael’s a while back.  It’s been in my craft box for…..let’s just say………..awhile now!  I cut all the “stem/sprig” pieces from the main stem with scissors and tossed that stem in the trash. 



I started in one section of the wreath, gluing each little cut stem/sprig with my hot glue gun.  I continued to work in one direction making sure all my sprigs were glued in that same direction. 


hot glue

Keep gluing greenery until you meet the starting point and your done!  Simple as that!  If you are smarter than I am, you even finished without a burn and blisters!  None the less………it is super cute and really easy to make!  Just think of all the ugly grapevine wreaths you see at the second hand stores – I can’t wait to hear what you do with yours!!  

Be sure to leave me a comment here on the blog and follow me on Pinterest by clicking here!



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Make your own throw pillow covers, easy and inexpensive!

Inexpensive Pillow Makeover

Have you bought new throw pillows lately?  They are expensive!!!  A cute and easy way to update a space, but WOW – most of them carry a hefty price tag!   That’s too bad because I love to change my throw pillows with the change of seasons.  I have them everywhere in our house, master bedroom, living room, mancave (Now named – Still #22), entryway, front porch, back deck………you get the picture!  Well I have an inexpensive way to give your pillow collection a makeover without breaking the bank!


This inexpensive makeover does require some simple sewing skills.  If  you don’t have a sewing machine you “could try” some of the “no sew” products on the market.  Although I don’t know how well they will hold up if you are actually going to use the pillow!  So bust out the machine and get sewing!

Supplies I used:

Painters cloth (or fabric of your choice)

Old pillow (you can get them super cheep at second hand stores)

Sewing machine, thread, pins


Painters Pens (optional)

How I made them!

First I measured my pillow and how much fabric I would need.  I placed the pillow on top of the painters cloth and eyeballed it (you know the old fashioned way)!  I used the tape measure to make sure both ends of my fabric were close to the same width.  I allowed enough extra fabric for a side seem (about an inch or so).


Next I cut my fabric to the desired length.  For the length, you will need at least 2-1/2 times the length of the pillow to create an envelope.  Again, eyeball it making sure you have enough to cover the entire pillow with an overlap (don’t forget to allow a couple extra inches for the fold and hem!


I used painters cloth for my fabric so it already had a seam on one side and a finished edge on the other side.  I used those already finished ends for one of my opening ends (One seem I didn’t have to sew).

Fold your hem at about 1/2 inch and iron down, fold again at 1/2 inch and iron again.  Then sew the hem (not the edges of the pillow) only the ends that will be the opening to the pillow envelop cover.  (remember, one of my opening edges came with a factory seem so I only had one hem to sew)  Nice!


After your opening hems are sewn, starting with the fabric laid out flat, fold one end of the fabric over about 2/3’s of the way (eyeball it) See the seam end in the picture below?


Next fold the remaining end to the center point.  Your fabric should be folded INSIDE OUT and overlap in the center.  This is where the pillow will be inserted once the side seams are sewn.

With the fabric folded as directed above, pin the side seams and sew both sides.  Turn the fabric outside in and Wala!  You have a new pillow cover!!  If you want to decorate it up like I did you can use painters pens! I got mine here.


If you are really scared to try this – check out this Etsy shop – she has some super cute pillow covers and Wendy is the bomb!






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Have you missed me?


Sorry for what seems to be a missing persons alert!  I’ve been on vacation, 2 of them actually!  Working vacations!  Learning vacations!  A really cool blogger vacation and a very special project with my Dad vacation.  Here is a sneak peek………..


Hee hee – sorry…………I can’t spoil the surprise!  For those of you that know what Dad and I have going on up there………you will have to wait!  Until then, here are a couple of pictures of the beautiful lake view up in Ely, MN!!



I started this blog so I could share my love of all things creative with who ever wants to listen to me blab about it (or read it).  I have been creative for as long as I can remember.  Mom and Dad will tell you I was an avid Betty Lou and the Magic Window viewer from a really young age. (You locals know who I’m talking about!)  I had a T.V. tray, little chair and all my crafting supplies just like her – including my cellophane tape and aluminum foil!  (you can make anything with foil!!) Mom had a love/hate relationship with that show (more of a “hate” after I cut up her antique Quaker Oats container and made a beautiful bird feeder out of it!  She cried when I gave it to her, I thought it was because she loved it so much…who knew?).  Decorating, being crafty and my love of junking and design comes easy for me…..ummm and my gift to gab! 

However, transferring those thoughts, projects and my life happenings into a blog is a totally new concept for me.  There is a lot to it!  Taking pictures of my “mess” while being creative, editing pictures, learning about widgets, and plugins and analytics ….. the list goes on! 

This all brings me to the second vacation…. of sorts!  Last week I spent 3-1/2 days in Atlanta for the 2016 Haven Bloggers Conference. 


I won’t bore all of you with the details of what I learned. However, I will tell you I had the opportunity to talk with representatives from some amazing companies Wagner, Liberty Hardware, Ryobi and Kreg Tool!!!  Um yeah, how cool is that?  A little hometown representation with Kreg Tool!!!  I loved sharing with my new friends that my son works there and might have been the one that made the Jig they received at the conference!   I might be a little bias- but I do “heart” my Kreg Jig!  Dad and I are working on a very special project involving my jig but like I said before, you will have to wait for that post!


These companies handed out lots, I mean LOTS of products/SWAG for us to haul home (over 50 lbs- my luggage is proof!)!  I am all giddy about the project ideas I have swimming in my head right now and the opportunity to put these tools and products to work!

I also met some truly amazing women.  There were 350 bloggers in attendance and I feel like I met most of them!  I have to say thank you to my friend and old neighbor Penny for telling me about Haven.  I have to admit, when she first told me about Haven I didn’t think it was a “real” conference.  I mean who would have a conference for DIY bloggers?!!  She even offered to tag along,  thanks friend! 

Once I realized it was a “real” conference- why wouldn’t it be, I braved it and signed up!  Well first I committed to share a room with 3 women I had never met!  Then I told Mike I HAVE to go now – they are counting on me to split the cost of the room!  He didn’t care, I think he was secretly looking forward to being home alone and eating ice cream for supper if he wanted!  But not in the living room right Mike?! 

I met these 3 awesome roommates on the conference FB page, even found 3 ladies I had never met to share a cab with.  In the end I made new friendships which I’m sure will be life long!  You can meet some of my new friends and their blogs here:
Beth @ Reality Daydream she is super talented!!  AND she lives in IOWA!!  One of my NEW BEST BLOGGING BUDDIES!!!
Yuni @ Love your Abode  she has a style that is very different from mine – absolutly BEAUTIFUL
Amanda @ Life on the Bay Bush – down to earth and the wife of a farmer – gotta love her!
Shaina @ Married to Restoration – Sweet young thing – expecting a baby!!
Wendy @ Old Lake George and her hubby Wade – who wore the same outfit most of the conference – Ok, maybe the airline lost his luggage!  Wendy and I first met on a FB messenger chat that lasted 8 hours – do you think we connected?  It was even better in person!!

We started each day at 7:00 a.m. and usually turned off The lights by MIDNIGHT!!! By the time I made it home and landed on my own pillow 12:30 a.m. Monday morning, I was exhausted! 
What a vacation!


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DIY Poster Sized Word Art

DIY Poster Sized Word Art

I don’t know about you but I LOVE poster size word art signs with fun sayings, verses from songs, even enlarged photos.  Since I discovered Block Posters when I painted the antique image transfer on my wood crate, I decided to give it a try with a bigger image and different type of image transfer process. 

This technique is SUPER SIMPLE!!!!  I am telling you ANYONE CAN do it!!! 

Supplies I used:

Printer and paper

Paper trimmer or scissors

Mod Podge

Paint brush

Sheet of plywood (cut to size)

1×2 wood strips

Red oak stain

Nail gun

Wood glue


How I created my poster sized word art!

I used to type the verses that we like from the song “I Cross My Heart”  by George Straight using a cursive style font. Be careful when selecting cursive fonts – some of them are very hard to read.

Next I uploaded the image to Block Poster using the same steps as the antique image transfer project found here.  I printed the sheets and trimmed all the edges using my paper trimmer.  (You can use scissors, being careful to cut your edges very straight so they will line up correctly with the other sheets without having gaps or overlaps)


Poster Sized Word Art

Mike cut the plywood and wood trim to size for me, almost a divorce situation:

  1. He was tired from working an insane amount of hours
  2. It was hot out
  3. Our garage is out of control messy with DIY projects and “stuff”
  4. The table saw was under a bunch of JUNK!
  5. The piece of wood I wanted him to cut was warped and I insisted he use it anyway………..

I almost had to break out in an ugly cry, but he grumbled his way through it and no one was hurt!


Next, I applied Mod Podge (you can get it here) to the plywood covering an area the size of one sheet of paper.  I started in the corner and worked my way across and down.  After the Mod Podge was applied to the section I carefully laid the sheet of paper on top.  I used an old credit card to smooth it out and remove any air bubbles, then covered it with another layer of Mod Podge.  (be very careful when smoothing out the paper, it can tear easily)

Repeat this process for all sheets of paper and let dry completely. 




What they don’t tell you on Pinterest!

You might want to paint your plywood the same color as the background of your paper, in case any of your seams are not perfect!  <–if you don’t the plywood will show through the cracks causing you to very carefully paint the crack white!

Line up your lettering from one sheet to the next very carefully!   <– if you don’t, you will need to take a sharpie and attempt to make the letters line up perfectly by filling in the gaps!

Thanks a lot Pinterest for making us all feel like this is so simple even a 2 year old can do it!  (well it really kind of is that simple)

Finish it up

I stained the trim Red Oak and used a nail gun and wood glue to attach them (well Mike did this part!).  Being very careful to shoot the nails straight in or at an angle so they won’t come through the front of your project.  I would have ugly cried for sure if this happened.  <—-Mike might have too!

DIY Poster Sized Word Art

Remember the warped wood that almost caused a divorce?  Yeah, well I also used clamps to hold the nails and wood glue in place while the project dried.   It all worked out perfect………..I told him it would!

Add a picture hanger and there you go – another simple way to create your own poster sized word art! 


I do love this song and am so in love with how this project turned out!  Now to finish the master bedroom sitting area so I can hang it up!! 


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Simple way to transfer an image to furniture

How to transfer an image to furniture

I bought this wooden crate years ago at a flea market, I think I only paid $20 for it.  I love it just the way it is, however I have always wanted to add an image to it making it look like an old shipping crate. 

This is a quick and easy process, similar to how I made my Farmers Market sign.  

Transfered image to furniture

Easy way to transfer an image to furniture

I found a great blog called The Graphics Fairy.  She has thousands of images you can download for free!  I have to admit, I love the French graphics – but I don’t speak French so I have no idea what they say!!  So I searched until I found an image I like in English! 

On the Graphics Fairy blog she provides tutorials on how to transfer images.  I especially liked the tutorial on how to enlarge an image using a free website called Block Posters.  Enlarge an Image

I did found that her instructions were a little outdated, so I added the steps I went through.  It is a very simple site to use – I didn’t even have to throw out a swear word!

How to enlarge your image

Once you have logged into the Block Poster website , you will need to upload your image. Upload your image

You have the option to use one of their images or upload your own.  This is how my image looked after I loaded it.


You can customize your poster by changing the number of pages your want it spread across, the orientation of the paper and if you want to print a boarder or not.  You can even crop your image.  As you can see, the image I downloaded had more graphics on it that I used in my project.

After you make all of the customization selections, the information box will tell you the approximate size of your print, if it works for you, Select Create My Poster!  

Poster Image

This is what mine looked like after I printed it.  Before transferring the image I trimmed off the white edges and taped the pieces together.

*TIP – be sure to set your printer to landscape if that is what you selected when you customized the poster.  It didn’t effect my image, but it might with yours.

How I transferred the image to the crate

Image Transfer with carbon paper

First, determine where you want your image to be transferred and tape the edges down to hold it in place.  Slide a piece of carbon paper under the image and trace the outline of the image you want to transfer with a pencil (remember, I didn’t use all of the graphic image in my project).

Trace Image to transfer

Carefully remove the copy after transferring the image. 

*TIP – peek as you remove the image to ensure you didn’t forget to trace anything!

Carbon Image

Next step is to fill in the transferred carbon image with paint.  I used flat black acrylic craft paint, a stiff brush and the dry brush technique.  Dipping your brush in the paint without dabbing off the excess will cause your lettering to be thick and bold. However, I wanted mine to look old and worn out, so the dry brush technique works well. 

Image Transfer Paint dry brush

Applying Drybrush Paint

My letters aren’t painted perfectly.  As you can see, some spots are missing entirely, that’s what makes it look old, without sanding!  I know you are thinking “I can’t paint”.  I am here to tell you anyone can trace an image and fill in the lines!!!  This project is super simple and only took be about an hour to complete!!!  Look at that transformation!
Transfered image to furniture

Image transfer finished

I can’t wait to create more poster size projects using Block Posters!! 


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How to organize a mini office space in your pantry

Organize with a dish strainer

This past weekend I decided to organize a mini office space out of our poorly utilized pantry.   I like to think of myself as a fairly organized person.  Although, I have to admit, I have a couple of “dumping spots” in our house!  The place where everything ends up because I am either too lazy to put away or don’t exactly know where to put it!

Yeah well, in our house the pantry seems to be MY place to dump stuff!

Unorganized closet

This is what the pantry looked like before I started to organize my mini office – what a mess!  I dumped everything in there from unfinished projects, to crock pots, vases I never use, oversized cups and water bottles (I despise odd shape cups, oversize mugs and water bottles), Scentsy boxes, large bottles of vinegar, paint supplies……I mean you name it, it was probably in this closet!

I also had a “junk drawer” in the kitchen.  Do you have one of these? All it is is another place to stuff things that I don’t like laying around on the counter!  Mine had bills that weren’t sent electronically, mail I thought I needed to keep and file, a couple of envelopes, pens, tape, glue, batteries and EVERYTHING that will fit in the drawer that I didn’t put in the pantry closet!   I didn’t take a picture – I think you get the idea!

How to organize a mini office space in your pantry…

What I really wanted is an area that I could put mail (bills that need to be paid) and not get lost in the junk drawer, some pens and a folder for that important mail that I need to file.  So I came up with the idea to use a dish strainer to keep it all together.

Organize with a dish strainer

My pens, pencils and scissors fit perfectly in the silverware container and the divided sections for drying plates work perfectly for holding my bill calendar and file folders.  I even added a row of envelopes and some sticky notes!  Nice, neat and organized! 

In addition to my mini office space, I added a section for cookbooks.  I used to have TONS of cookbooks.  However, with Pinterest and all the great food blogs like you don’t really need cookbooks these days.  I cleaned out my collection and donated the one’s I wasn’t “in love” with and kept a few favorites.  The old lunch box is my recipe box – I don’t know about you, but even though I can find it online, I still like a hard copy!  So I keep them in here!

Organize a cookbook shelf

The white baskets hold the important “kids” office supplies, crayons, sidewalk chalk, coloring books and bubbles! 

In addition to the dish strainer, the blue baskets hold those “extras” that aren’t so cute on a shelf but need some organization.  You know the stuff – oversized water bottles and mega huge insulated coffee mugs ——-do these things annoy anyone else???  I try to throw them away and Mike brings home more!  GRRRR.  Additional baskets were added for my craft supplies and for things like extension cords, phone cords and power cords. 

How to organize a mini office in your pantry

Create a command center.

I don’t like to have things hung all over my refrigerator so I created a command center on the inside of the pantry door.  This is a place for those things, kept all neat and tidy and behind closed doors!  Organize a Comand CenterI attached the dry erase calendar and the cork board with command strips!  I LOVE THESE THINGS!!!!  And the chalk board is actually black contact paper!  There you have it – a mini office right in my pantry! 
How to organize a mini office in your pantryI hope this will give you some good ideas on how to organize your mini office space!  


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Building our backyard fire pit

Backyard Fire Pit

I don’t know that we could live without our backyard fire pit!  Mike has quite the reputation with his fires – go big or go home!  Sometimes I have to remind him that we don’t need one so big that the fire department shows up!  (the police did show up with in minutes of his first fire at the new house!)  << starting his reputation off right I tell you!

One of the many things we loved about our old house was the fire pit.  We spent lots of evenings out there hanging out with friends, drinking beverages and having a great time.  Some times it seemed like Mikes full time job was to cut firewood for the pit!

With all that said, you can imagine what one of our first projects in the new house was…………..YUP!  A fire pit!

It started out small – well small in Mike’s book!  Those of you that know him know that he can’t do SMALL!

I had visions of the fire pit being by the berm and creating a cool rock wall by cutting into the berm to provide privacy and protection against the street traffic and wind!  Problem is, we didn’t think we could “alter” the berm.  We did it anyway, but didn’t want to be too obvious about it!  So we dug in just a little!  UNTIL, we realized that we CAN alter the berm……..Oh BABY – Hang on – I have more plans now!!!

So in the pictures below you can see how the fire pit started out.  Not bad!  Cute little rock wall, nice sized fire pit, plenty of room for seating.  But can you say BORING!

Building our backyard fire pit

Fire pit rock wall

FYI – the ring for the fire pit came from Menards – you can get one here.  Super simple to put together!  We placed ours in the ground about 5 inches then placed small rocks around the edges to hide the ring.

Over the past month we have been working on a landscaping layout for the area around the fire pit. It is on the west side of our house and there are ZERO trees!  The berm is a beast!  It is probably 6 foot tall………….heck I don’t know, how do you measure one?  I am only five foot and I can’t see a car or a person that is on the street or sidewalk on the other side of it!  Anywho……we needed some trees!  When we moved in my parents gave us a house warming gift to be used towards the purchase of trees……….it finally got put to good use this weekend!

This project is FAR from being finished……..but I thought I would share some “in progress pictures” with you.  I am so super excited on how this is turning out.  It was a lot of work!

Fire Pit Boss
As you can see in the picture, I worked hard on the visual portion and pointing when needed…………Mike and our son Jacob on the other hand worked up a sweat!

I wish the pictures were better, I had a difficult time photographing how beautiful this is turning out.  To the right of the fire pit we –> Mike, added a two foot rock wall (I bossed him around and told him where to put the rocks, he is such a good sport!) and filled it with dirt, then planted the pine.  I LOVE this spot!!  We (he and Jacob) planted two more pines, three curly willows and three shade trees in the berm.  In a few years, when these trees have a chance to mature a little, it will be beautiful and shady!

Backyard Fire Pit

Backyard Fire Pit Berm

Mowing the berm is not easy without trees…… will be a challenge with them!  We will add more rock ledges around the rest of the trees and add mulch to help keep them hydrated. 

Our city allows the residents to take tree branches to the city yard where they grind them up into mulch, which is free for the hauling!  (We love FREE)!!  Speaking of FREE – all of the rocks (some of them could be considered boulders!) came from our son in laws farm fields (thanks Luke!)  Dirt from another friend that had excess and the trees were 75% off the original price at Home Depot!!!  NICE!

To the left of the fire pit I would like to create a water feature.  Mike said that has to wait until after the shed is built……….we will see how that works.  I will keep you posted as we add more layers…..and a water feature *wink**wink*.

Thanks for checking in!  I hope you will check back often, share my site with your friends, leave me a comment and if you want, sign up to receive an email every time I post so you don’t miss a thing.


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Antique Farmhouse Scale

Styling a kitchen scale

I have been wanting a 3 tier stand for my kitchen island for a long time.  I think they are adorable and would be so fun to decorate for the seasons.  Problem #1 – I can’t bring myself to pay what they want for these bad boys!


So an Antique Farmhouse Scale it is for me!!!

I am all about “switching gears” when something I love strikes me!  So it was a GOOD day when I received the email from Antique Farm House with this little beauty!  If you haven’t heard of their site you need to check it out!  I have purchased some really cool things from them (all reproductions but still cool!)


On Friday my package arrived!!  I had lots to do when I got home from work, (clean the house for company over the weekend, go to the store, help my buddy scrape popcorn ceilings), but first things first, this Antique Farmhouse Scale needs to be put out and styled for a little photo shoot!!!


EEEKKK!!!  I was so excited to get this sucker out of the box and start styling!!  (I’m so weird!!)  Really, wouldn’t you rather do this then go to the grocery store, clean or scrape popcorn ceilings?  I thought so!!!


I think the scale is the prefect piece for my island (which is next on the “makeover” list) *wink* *wink* don’t tell Mike.  I think a 3 tiered tray like I “thought” I wanted would look too thick for this space.  I like the airiness of the scale, it is the perfect “balance”……..haha, I’m so funny!


I wish you could see the little measuring spoons up close, yes I said measuring spoons they look like measuring cups but they are tiny.  The smallest one measures 2 Tablespoons, there is a  3 Tablespoon cup and a 1/4 cup…….I just love little things <–again, I might be a little weird!


There you have it, this is what was in that box that I was so excited to share with all of you!! 


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Celebrating Baby Ava Jean

The Hoyles

This past weekend my beautiful Granddaughter Ava Jean was baptized.  We gathered together with family and celebrated this beautiful baby as she begins her journey as a child of God.  It was so much fun, this little baby is just the sweetest girl. She is one of many facial expressions, all of them make her Grammy laugh!  I never knew how full my heart could be until I had grandchildren!

4 generations

Pictured above (My mom Evy, My daughter Whitney, Baby Ava Jean and Me!)

It seems like a short 8 months ago,  Ava’s mommy and daddy were preparing for her arrival.  They bought her a crib, dresser, and a comfy rocking chair (and plenty of other baby essentials!).  Then called Grammy to come help decorate her room!  eeeeekkkkk!!!!!

I would have to say, decorating a child’s bedroom is one of my favorite things to do, even more so when it is my grandchild!

Ava Image

Ava’s mom wanted to make sure that the room could be used for future children with only a few minor changes (maybe pink -to-blue?).  Her Daddy on the other hand, didn’t understand why we needed to change anything in there!  What is wrong with the “tan” walls?  Well, nothing…………but we are going to paint them!

Gray and Cream Stripe Wall

We decided to paint the room Online Gray by Sherman Williams with wide Alabaster stripes on the crib wall.  Daddy got involved with making sure the “stripes were straight”!  <–He is such a perfectionist! —-probably why he married my daughter :)—–

All of the accent pieces (open frame, love above the bed, coat hooks and end table) we painted Desire Pink, also from Sherman Williams.

Love stripes

Coat Hook

I made the canvas pictures hanging above Ava’s dresser by painting them with the same colors in her room.  I painted two canvas’s pink and two of the cream.  I added gray polka dots to one pink canva and attached a metal arrow to the other one to give it some definition and dimension.  Her name was kept a secret until she was born (can’t believe Whitney could keep that from ME!!) so I added the pink “A”  to one of the cream canvas’s after she arrived.

Changing Table

Whitney loves this bible verse, so I painted a pink heart on the cream canvas.  Then I typed the bible verse in a word document to determine the size and style of font I wanted.  Once I had this perfected I printed the words, cut them out and placed them where I wanted them on the canvas and transferred them to the canvas using carbon paper.  Then I filled in the letters with my paint. – Simple – anyone can copy!

For this Child of Mine

I think Miss Ava Jean loves her room as much as we love her!  Bless you beautiful baby girl!

Ava Jean


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